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I.C.A.N.: I CAN-T.E.R. Artisan Network

I.C.A.N. Steering Committee

Sarah Schulz - Detailed Renditions

Grace MacDonald - Before its Prime Designs 

Karen Tuomi - 

Ulla la la Designs

Who is I.C.A.N.:

I.C.A.N. stands for the I CAN-T.E.R. Artisan Network. It is a group of Artisans dedicated to supporting I CAN-T.E.R.’s programming and philosophies toward sustainable and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship.

I.C.A.N. is led by a steering committee but operates within I CAN-T.E.R.’s organizational framework and alongside its representatives.

How does I.C.A.N. support I CAN-T.E.R.?

It is really quite simple. Our network of artisans support the organization through participation, financial support and representation at community and on-the-farm events (tradeshows, markets, workshops etc.).

Members of I.C.A.N. shares I CAN-T.E.R.'s philosophies of sustainable practices and as a result, dedicate a portion of their hard work to I CAN-T.E.R.’s future. 

What is in store for I CAN-T.E.R. and the I.C.A.N.?

Our goal is to provide a dedicated area at the farm specifically for the I.C.A.N. to market and sell hand-made high quality products from the Artisans who support I CAN-T.E.R.  

Currently we are developing I.C.A.N. and are doing so through community involvement. We will be available at several markets in the Niagara Region and will host a Trade-show late Summer to Early Fall (Date TBD). We also hope to develop and host workshops at the farm to encourage the development of entrepreneurial and sustainable crafting practices. We truly believe we all have talent! We hope that through these workshops that you can ignite a passion to find and develop yours!

How can I get involved?

Are you an Artisan? We would love to hear from you! We look forward to meeting with fellow artisans who support

I CAN-T.E.R. and their philosophies. If you are interested in becoming a member of I.C.A.N. and dedicating some time

and/or proceeds to I CAN-T.E.R., please contact Sarah at 

Not Quite an Artisan? We would love to hear from you too! We are looking for anyone with passion for the I.C.A.N.

project and its positive benefits for I CAN-T.E.R. We also offer mentorship to develop sustainable and environmentally

responsible methods in your business. We urge you to contact us for more information. Contact Sarah at 


Join the I.C.A.N. community on Facebook and Instagram:

  • @ICANTERArtisanNetwork
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